Sheepskin Care and Cleaning

Ugg Boots and Slippers

To ensure the longevity of your boots, we recommend treating them with care. Aim to keep articles away from excessive moisture as this can lead to minor discolouration. Sheepskin protector sprays can be applied to help protect from water and stain absorption (these are available at our stores). It also helps to get fitted with the correct size as a size too small could put excessive pressure on the sheepskin leather. Our staff can help you with sizing to ensure a good fitting.

You may need to clean your boots or slippers once in a while. If your article gets wet, leave it to drip dry, ideally away from direct sunlight. After that, you can use a soft brush in one direction to remove dry dirt stains. You may need to need to clean the sheepskin with a mild shampoo. In this case, you may dampen the sheepskin with a cloth. However, avoid soaking or machine washing as this could lead to discolouration. For small moisture or oil stains, we recommend using talcum powder (also known as baby powder) as soon as possible. This is a moisture absorber, so applying it liberally then leaving it over several hours may help.

Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs are machine washable on the wool cycle with minimal spin (if the option is available on your washing machine). However, we recommend dry cleaning for the best results. Small stains can be sponged off with a cloth, and a mild sheepskin shampoo can be used. After washing, leave to drip dry in the stretched out position. Afterwards, a brisk shake and brushing will help return the original lustre of the rug.

Regular brushing of sheepskin will help maintain the volume and lustre of the rug.

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